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School Plimsolls

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View all back to school Každý späť do školy PE súpravy potrebuje pár tenisky, že bude chrániť vaše deti nohy, zároveň im ponúka podporu, ktorú potrebujú v lekciách vykonávať na zlepšenie a súťaží. Our collection of school plimsolls and pumps are ideal for after school clubs or gym class so that your child can make the most of being active. For kids that want more comfortable footwear, why not check out our range of canvas shoes, low and high top trainers plus slip on shoes from top brands such as Converse, Skechers, Dunlop and Vans. Suitable for young nursery going kids to teenagers at college or 6th form and available for both boys and girls, our plimsolls range is a great option for class or just casual wear. So order today and save on the latest plimsolls, trainers and canvas shoes.

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